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The Curious Garden

Not your granny's garden...

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A community for people who plant the unusual in their gardens. No geraniums, portulacas, alyssum, or impatiens here! This is for those gardeners who prefer the not-so-usual... Antique roses? Aroids? Datura? Hellebores? Edelweiss? On and on... ;) If you have a curious garden, please share your growing experiences with us! Pictures, seed trades, and questions are heartily encouraged!

NOTE: Obviously, I don't require approval for you to join this group... HOWEVER, spamming is NOT acceptable, and if you join for that express reason, you will be fed to the woodchipper to make a wonderful mulch. No warning. You will be yanked.

Mentioning and promoting other sites pertaining to gardening and landscaping is a happy thing... but promoting sites which have nothing to do with gardening is a very UNhappy thing, and will get you a warning.

Other than that, let's all be laid-back here... ;)